How it Works

Here is how the process works!

Step One:

Select Your Favorite Vehicle

Select your favorite vehicle from our online selection of supercars! Browse our online catalog of available supercars and select your favorite car and contract in the showroom.

Step Two:

See your supercar in person at the selected dealership

Dealership information is available on each vehicle in stock and you are more than welcome to visit the vehicle at the dealership.

Select Your Supercar and Pay for the First Year

Step Three:

Setup and Pre-Pay for the Selected Supercar

Once you have chosen your supercar you can select your vehicle, sign the included contract and pay online for the first year. Supercars are first come first serve and therefore may be sold before there are 12 separate owners who sign contracts on a specific vehicle. We do our best to provide our clients with the best hand selected supercars with low mileage and warranties. Some vehicles are sold before 12 owners can participate in the program and therefore may be sold. We may offer you a replacement equivalent vehicle and you may choose to accept a replacement or decline the replacement. In any case we fully refund deposits made on supercars and clients are not charged for our services that they do not receive.

Step Four:

Book your 1 month (28 day) spots for the year!

Select your 2 weeks time slots for the year. Each vehicle has 2 time slots for the year and is booked accordingly in our system. You can choose from 2 different categories of weeks. Select a premium week (May - October) and one regular week (November - April). You may choose another fractional ownership option in our showroom on selected vehicles if you wanted another time frame like a 3 month ownership period. Please see our vehicle selection section for complete details on each vehicle and ownership plans that work for you.

Pick Up your Supercar on the Booked Dates

Step Five:

Pick up and Drive your Supercar on your Booked Dates!

Now the best part! Drive and enjoy your new supercar! Take your supercar to events, enjoy driving your supercar to work, impress your clients, and/or just to enjoy a drive! This is our favorite part of the experience! Remain worry free because you are covered with insurance, maintenance, and mechanical breakdown coverage. If your vehicle breaks down insurance provides a free rental car and free roadside assistance as a courtesy in the unfortunate event of a breakdown.