About Us

"We are car people. We all would just love the thrill of driving and owning a supercar!"

Auto Timeshare is here to solve a dilemma that keeps most people from ever owning or even driving the world's most amazing supercars. The cost of ownership. It keeps most people from ever wanting to own a supercar. Auto Timeshare solves this issue by having the cost of ownership split between 4, 6, 12 or even 24 seperate owners who share time and costs of maintaining a supercar. This way everyone gets to own and drive the supercar they have always wanted.

Auto Timeshare was founded by a group of automotive enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. We are car people. We all would just love the thrill of driving and owning a supercar. We would love to own a Lamborghini Huracan but without having to pay for full time costs of ownership. We gathered together 10 other enthusiasts who wanted the same vehicle and purchased it collectively. It is working out so well that a few of us would start this company!


Owning a supercar is easy. We even include the costs of insurance and maintenance in the contract. After 5 years you all own the supercar and can split costs of maintenance and insurance. We make it easy to book your weeks online.

Bridging the Gap

Our core values center around our clients. We strive to make the supercar ownership experience a pleasant one at every step and of course hassle free. Owning a supercar is a rare and prestigious honor that we take very seriously.

We make the process simple to owning the supercar of your dreams. We take care of the booking, insurance, maintenance and more! Free roadside assistance is included with every vehicle as well as a comprehensive mechanical breakdown coverage that will have your supercar back on the road quickly in case of mechanical failure.

The True Cost of Rental

Did you know that a Lamborghini Gallardo costs around $249 per hour to rent? If you were to rent this car for just one day (24 Hours) it would cost $5976! Plus that doesn't even include insurance!

For the price of around a one day (24 Hour) rental you can own your very own fractional share of a supercar for one month! After 5 years the vehicle is paid off and owners have the option of splitting insurance and maintenance costs! We strive to make your supercar experience an awesome one! We make it so easy to be driving in the car of your dreams and own a supercar!